Flower Essences by Stelle Fleur Institute

Blossoming the Soul

The three Flower Essence Blends for sale have been created to help navigate the twists and turns of uncertain times and the stress of a fast paced lifestyle. Create more peace in your life with

Awareness Within: Radiant-Self,
Peace Within: Connected-Self,
Professional Productivity: For Business Women and Busy Women.

Awareness Within

Awareness Within


For times of chaos, fear, overwhelm. Connect with inner strength, joy and purpose. The Universe has your back. 

Are you feeling lost, out of sorts or disconnected from you life? Are you taking care of everyone else and having no energy or time left for yourself? 

Awareness Within connects you to your inner wisdom and what is truly important to you so you feel rejuvenated, hopeful, and excited about your life. 

Flower Essences: Basil, Dahlia, Dill, Doiptase, Tobacco.

Peace Within

Peace Within


For times of fear, uncertainty, loss of control, or separation.  Develop inner peace, acceptance, and flexibility. Glide into action, connect with others, create something new.  

Do you look good on the outside yet feel there is something missing on the inside? Is self-judgment, anxiety, and feeling vulnerable stopping you from taking action? 

 Peace Within is a catalyst for making peace within oneself. Be supported in accepting your forgotten, unclaimed, or disowned parts with inner compassion. Become more flexible and patient so that you can improve your relationships. Experience you’re life anew. 

Flower Essences: Blackeyed Susan, California Wild rose, Garlic, Monstera, Red Clover, Shooting Star, Water Hyacinth. 

Professional Productivity

Professional Productivity

For Business Women and Busy Women 

Professional Productivity supports moving into action and accomplishing goals from a place of ease, strength and clarity. The flowers selected are for procrastination, overthinking, and feeling scattered. 

Are you feeling time crunched and overwhelmed? Are you running from the moment you get up until you go to be without a moment to breathe? 

Professional Productivity will support you in seemingly slowing down the hands of time so you can take action and accomplish goals from a place of feeling grounded, calm, and balanced. Make clear decisions, expand your sense of self.

Flower Essence: Blackberry, Madia, Shasta Daisy, Sweet Pea, Rose Quartz.



$33 Per Bottle of Flower Essence Blend
Each 1 oz bottle is a 60 day supply when taken as recommended
*Tax and mailing will be added  

Each Essence Blend Order Includes:

1 oz Bottles of Essence Blend, [60 days supply]
Flower Essence Instructions
Blend Information
Your Affirmation Card
BONUS: With each purchase you receive a 20-minute flower essence coaching session

Blossoming the Soul

Flower Essence tap into the beauty and power of nature. Nature knows how to rejuvenate itself. Flower Essence support you in restoring, rejuvenating, and refreshing yourself so that you can bring about your best life.


Flower Essence are made by putting blossoms into water; infusing the water with the flower-ness or biochemical structure of the plant. It is the enriched water that is used to support you in creating new thoughts, habits, and attitudes.


Stelle Fleur Institute uses organic Flower Essences from around the world.
They support your mind, emotions, and spirit by smoothing out the rough edges in life, transforming negative attitudes and out of date habits so you can have more peace, clarity, and satisfaction.


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